Common Types of Auto Defects

Cars are one of the most common modes of transportation. When drivers purchase them, there is always an assumption that it is safe and dependable to use. Unfortunately, some vehicles have been found with defective components. A Milwaukee car crash attorney will tell you that automotive defects can result to devastating injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the year 2014 saw the highest number of vehicle recalls in over three decades.

Automobile defects may arise during manufacturing, at the dealer, or with the original owner if the vehicle is second hand. If your car is covered by warranty, then it may offer some coverage for those defects. Even minor defects can have serious repercussions for both the driver and passengers. Here are some of the most common automobile defects that can lead to accidents:

  • Safety-related defects can have serious consequences if left undiscovered by the consumer or manufacturer. These types of defects may include issues with seat belts, air bags, or door locks. Defective headlights may also cause death or injury due to the driver not being able to see.
  • Mechanical defects such as defective brakes, engine fires, suspension failure, and overheating parts can cause the car to crumple upon impact instead of withstanding the collision.
  • A defective gas tank may explode on impact or an igniting fuel line can lead to fatal injuries.

Automotive defects are covered by the Lemon Law. Under such legislation, individuals who have defective vehicles or “lemons,” can replace the vehicle or get their money back if the vehicle meets certain guidelines. When buying a vehicle, always make sure to check if it has defects. Not doing so can put the life and safety of your loved ones in peril. If proven defective and you or your loved one gets injured, you can be entitled to receive compensation.

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Tips on Finding The Best Car Insurance Deals

When it comes to car insurance, you would want to make sure to find the best deal out there. You will be investing your money on car insurance so you would want to make sure that you will get the best value for your money. There are different technologies that are available right now that can help ensure that you are getting the best price. However, there are certain things that you can do on your own to ensure that you will get the best deal. Here are some tips on finding the best car insurance quotes in the market.

1. Reduce your risk

There are several things you can do in order to lower your potential insurance risk. One way of doing it is to make you car secure. There are several ways you can do it such as installing an alarm, immobilizer, or other security devices. Another way to lower the premium of your car insurance is to select an average model car.

2. Add a second driver

Another way you can lower your insurance premium is to add a second driver to the policy. This is not only legal but can also save you a great deal of money. However, make sure that the driver you are adding has a clean driving record. Avoid adding a newly qualified young driver as this will increase the rate of your premium.

3. Get only what you need

There are insurance companies that will dangle a lot of add-ons to the insurance they are selling. Examples of these extra coverage include personal accident, theft, windscreen, breakdown, and others. Think carefully if you really need these add-ons. Sometimes, you can get these extras somewhere else at a cheaper price or you may have no need for them.

4. Do some shopping

Sometimes the first quote that you see is not always the best. When searching for insurance quotes, it pays to do some shopping. There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for a car insurance premium. Your age can play a huge role in the kind of insurance you will get.

Get quotes from at least two websites and compare their cost and features. Always keep in mind your budget and need when looking for car insurance.

A car insurance can save you a lot of hassle and expenses when involved in an accident. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal on car insurance quotes. The above tips can be a good starting point to getting the best quote on your policy.

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What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is a broad category that many people don’t fully understand. You can be cited for reckless driving for any number of offenses from speeding to tailgating, but there are a few other components that must be satisfied before you can be charged. The charges can be serious, and due to the vagueness of the law, can often be confusing as well.

First, according to the website of Pohl and Berk LLP, reckless driving is one of the main causes of car injuries and accidents. Reckless driving is a serious offense and is considered to be a misdemeanor in most situations, although it does vary based on the particular offense and the outcome involved. Offenses can include speeding, running red lights, not using turn signals or turn lanes, and drunk driving. However, ‘reckless driving’ is an extremely broad term used to refer to any action that shows a ‘willful’ or ‘wanton’ disregard for the safety of yourself and those around you while operating a vehicle. Therefore, there are infinite possibilities as to what can be considered reckless driving.

Thankfully, there are a few components and things that must happen in order for you to be charged with reckless driving. First of all, as described above, you must have shown a disregard for the safety of those around you. Swerving can be considered reckless, but if you were swerving to avoid a pedestrian then that is a different matter. Intent is not a component of reckless driving, meaning that you do not have to have the intention of causing harm or damage but rather it must be proven that you were aware of the risk and disregarded it anyway. As with all moving violations, you have the right to contest the charge, go to court, and try to have the citation removed for one reason or another. However, be aware that the specifics of reckless driving will vary from state to state and even county to county in some cases, so be familiar with the particular laws in your area.

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How Do I Come Into Contact with PCBs?

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) seriously compromise a person’s health. Exposure to them can lead to liver, developmental, reproductive, and other damage. Unfortunately, complete avoidance of the chemical is not always possible, as one can come in contact with it through old transformers, consuming contaminated food or inhaling contaminated air.

Although PCBs make a good coolant or lubricant for transformers and other electrical products, their use has been eliminated. Unfortunately, manufacturing the older products directly exposed workers to the chemical, and their leaking continues to contaminate the air and soil.

Water is a main source of PCB contamination, and therefore the fish in these waters are not okay to eat. When people unknowingly consume the fish, they ingest PCBs. Furthermore, the meat of any animal that has been exposed to PCBs is contaminated. For this reason, meat, dairy products, and fish cause exposure.

When there is identifiable PCB waste, it is typically stored in a landfill. At times however, fluid can be wrongly disposed. Improper waste dumping contaminates the surrounding environment, and poses the toxin to evaporate into the air, be absorbed by sediment, or be carried to bodies of water. Essentially, there is a cycle between the transportation of PCBs, and the route affects both animals and humans.

In the 21st century, some agriculture production companies, such as Monsanto, used PCBs despite knowing the chemical’s potential to cause health problems. Because of this, existing Monsanto PCBs still circulate regardless of their current outlawed use in production. Exposure can occur easily, therefore companies and private entities must implement a high degree of responsibility in order to prevent spreading PCBs.

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Product Liability

Manufacturers are legally required to make sure that their products are safe and will never cause injury, that all vital instructions or warnings that consumers need to know are contained in the product’s label, and that the label clearly and accurately identifies the product’s ingredients. Any false claims regarding what a product can do is considered a deception and this can result to a lawsuit, especially if, instead of giving its claimed results, the product ends up harming its user.

The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is the branch of government responsible for tracking and recording product-related injuries and deaths, while the enforcement of standard safety laws on the production of goods is the work assigned to the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP), which is the nation’s consumer protection agency. Other duties of the BCP include:

  • Making sure that manufactured goods are neither defective nor dangerous
  • Stopping businesses from unjust, dishonest and misleading practices
  • Investigating complaints filed by consumer regarding defective products
  • Filing a lawsuit against any guilty of violating consumer rights or distributing defective or dangerous goods
  • Making sure that product labels are correct and accurate
  • Creating and implementing reasonable marketplace rules
  • Educating people about their rights as consumers
  • Informing firms of their duties and responsibilities

Despite the existence of various government agencies and laws that are aimed at ensuring product safety, thousands of defectively manufactured goods still find their way in stores and get purchased by consumers who fully suppose that everything they purchase is safe. This situation is the main reason for the thousands of product liability lawsuits that get filed in various US courts every year.

Product liability refers to manufacturers’, distributors’ and sellers’ the legal responsibility in compensating consumers who are harmed or injured due to their defective and harmful products. The amount of compensation may be determined in a lawsuit, which the injured victim will have to file. Product liability lawsuits, however, can be complicated procedures that would be much better pursued with the assistance of Tennessee personal injury attorneys.

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Fixing a Defective Heart

The human heart is a dangerous thing – there have been many a metaphor that describes it as the core and center of passion and drive. Literally speaking, it is responsible for the pumping and distribution of blood all throughout the body. It is absolutely necessary for normal human life and so it can be quite devastating for any one person to be born with a defective heart.

As much as it is a dangerous thing, for many wars have been fought out of matters of the heart, it is also quite a fragile part of the human body. Some weaknesses or afflictions related to the heart start from the very womb, even. This is considered a birth defect, an example of which is congenital heart defect or a congenital heart anomaly. Much like a machine, a defect means that there is something wrong – that there was something that went awry upon manufacturing.

According to the evidence acquired by the lawyers of Williams Kherkher, there are some cases that link children being born with this kind of heart defect as a result of their exposure to a drug called Zofran upon the early stages of development within the mother’s womb. Zofran is a drug often used by cancer patients who are being treated with chemotherapy, as it is a drug that deal with the soothing of nausea. Since some pregnant women also suffer from severe morning sickness while pregnant, this drug is sometimes prescribed in order to soothe the nausea. However, this bit of temporary relief could cause permanent damage and pain for the family of the child involved.

There are some medical procedures that might offer to relieve or correct the defects found in the child, as other side effects currently being linked with Zofran involve all forms of cleft lip and palate, but these are expenses that are often unprecedented. A lot of families can’t always afford procedures like this immediately but quick must they be in order to treat the defect on the child.

Contact legal aid in order to find out what rights you have, should you be in a situation like this.

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